Parish of St Barnabas Homerton

A church for all ages and all nations and all people

St Barnabas Church

St Barnabas Church is the (Church of England) parish church of Homerton, centrally situated on Homerton High Street.  The building dates from 1847.

We are a very multi-ethnic congregation, reflecting the rich diversity of Hackney. People come from many different backgrounds and cultures. Some have been Christians for many years; others are just starting their journey of faith - or even just cautiously 'having a look'.                                                                                                           baptism                                            Being part of a church should be like what a family should be like: a safe place of love and support, a place where we share joys and sorrows together, where everyone has a part to play, a place of fun and friendship across the generations, a place where everyone can put down roots and grow.  Like any family, it's not always easy - but when it works well, there's nothing quite like it!

At the very centre of everything is Jesus Christ.  That is our conviction.  He is 'the Way and the Truth and the Life' (John 14:6) He alone is the rock on which we should build our lives. We want to help each other to do that, and to help others discover him for themselves.

A bit about what yoClear the Debt celebration April 2014u will find at St Barnabas: We are in the Evangelical tradition. We take the Bible seriously, and want to understand it and live by it.  We use 'Common Worship' in our services, in a structured but relaxed style.  Our music is led by keyboard, occasionally drums and organ.   Our services are personal and interactive, and we aim to make them accessible to all.  On Sunday mornings there are age-related groups for our young people (aged 3 – 18). Home groups meet during the week.

Why not come along and see for yourself?

We'd love to welcome you!