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Alfred Soord paintings

Two paintings by the famous artist Alfred Soord (1868 - 1915) are hung in St Barnabas Church.  They were originally part of an elaborate decorative scheme at St Andrew's Bethnal Green.  St Andrew's suffered extensive war damage and was later demolished.  Two of the paintings were salvaged and given a home at St Barnabas.  The Good Shepherd was painted in 1899 and exhibited in 1900 at the Royal Academy. There have been reproductions of his painting, which became very popular.  Although there is some speculation on the subject, it is likely that the original is the painting in St Barnabas.


     The Crucifixion 1906

    by Alfred Usher Soord (1868-1915)  

    Oil on Canvas

    375 x 256 cm



    The Good Shepherd 1900

     by Alfred Usher Soord (1868-1915)

     Oil on Canvas

     275 x 182 cm 


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